Harriet Powers Inspired story quilt making with Primary school age children

Harriet powers quilt

As part of my day camps for children aged 4-11 on the theme of storytelling, we looked  at the quilts of Harriet Powers, like above.

Harriet Powers was born a slave and made some beautiful quilts with bible stories, local stories and personal stories included. For example, the bottom centre panel is about a famous local pig called Bess who ran away from home many miles, echoing slave escapes. The centre left panel shows Jonah and the Whale.

For the project the class used sticky back felt (easy to use because you can draw the shape first in pencil) to show a story they could back up orally.

Below is a self portrait-as-giant, with a normal sized person in orange, for scale)

harriet Powers inspired quilt harriet Powers inspired quilt P7312538

The one below by Reuben shows two penguins in love in a snow storm.

harriet Powers inspired quilt

I can’t remember the details of this one but the orange shape is an underwater cave.

harriet Powers inspired quilt


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