‘Garden Cafe’ Menu Board and Mural – Dementia Care Home

At the dementia care home where I worked we had a large echoey, quite empty dining room. We were always trying to think of ways to make it more friendly and interesting for the residents. People with dementia often suffer from boredom, but flounder in any activities that would usually satisfy it due to their memory loss, side effects of medication, etc.

We had a menu board in the living room, updated daily, that a resident would often read to me (repeatedly) “oh look, it says Shepherds Pie” three minutes later… “Do you like Shepherds Pie? its on the menu today”. Anyway, that kept her occupied in a way.


We also felt that residents need as many clues as possible as they navigate the home as to what they are doing there. So if you are in a calm, peaceful, quiet living area, you might feel calm and relaxed. If you are sitting at a dining table with some familiar faces, with knives and forks in front of you and a menu board on the wall and someone brings you lunch, you would feel confident “Here I am, in some kind of cafe, eating lunch with my friends”


Down the other end of the dining room we are planning a bar/pub area. Surprisingly (to me) this has needed a lot of explanation and justification to both higher management and staff. A pub is, for many people, a happy and familiar place. In the fight against institutionalism and for personalisation, why wouldn’t you include a pub in the very confined setting that is to our residents, their whole world. We would love to regularly take our residents to the local pub for outings but in reality, friends and family rarely want to help, and we can’t afford the staff we’d need to accompany the residents. So the best option seemed to build a little pub area where we can perch at the bar, do a pub quiz, pub singalong, play velcro darts, and have a bit of banter and chat etc. Anyway, unfortunately I have now left this job to live in Japan, but I hope they will continue to try and get the pub installed!


Limited Edition Calender 2015 January

january calenderJanuary calender happy new

This year me and my husband made calenders to give to some of our friends and family.

January says Happy New Year and has a sheep because 2015 is year of the sheep!

I will post each month up as we go along the year.

who knows where we’ll all be by the end of 2015!

water facts illustrations for At The Waterline

Some illustrations about water for the blog 
“At the Waterline is a blog about issues related to water: news and commentary that describe and expound upon its scarcity, its conservation and related technologies, its role in burgeoning conflicts around the world, and its place among human rights. “
713 gallons of water go into the production of one cotton t-shirt
Information from the Water Footprint Network
85% of the world’s population lives on the driest half of earth. 
information from UN water

Daily average per capita water use in the USA(100 gallons) and sub-saharan Africa (2-5 gallons)

Information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Water Council

circle dance wedding stationary

print by sillyhancox
print, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.

circle dance wedding stationary for the programme/zine and thanx stuff.
in pink and green.

Onsen tenugui 手ぬぐい

imaginary tenugui design.

character development

whole story coming soon


MAP of JAPAN by sillyhancox
MAP of JAPAN, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.

painting on paper map.


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