KEYS tote bag

new tote bag for sale! (i did the design a while back)
you can buy it or make a donation for a great cause at the asia catalyst shop

私のかぎデザイン ‘tote bag’ は買うことができますよー。いとこのorganisationだ。めっちゃいいやん!


OSAKA ZINE FAIR THIS SATURDAY, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.


East Sussex Adult Social Care Illustration/Comic

 I was commissioned to make these 6 illustrations to compassionately explain how adult social care can be accessed and help people in the county of East Sussex, UK. I worked with them to develop the story, and the whole thing took me about two weeks. They really wanted it to be as friendly and personal as possible, so I hope I’ve done that. 

Bigger version of each panel on my flickr

Lets Party, Button Style (greetings cards)

Lets Party, Button Style (greetings cards) by sillyhancox
Lets Party, Button Style (greetings cards), a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.

will be on sale alongside other stuff at USURP zine fair on Sat 28th April 2012, in Harrow, london. x

he had kind of a round face

I made a tiny new zine called “he had kind of a round face”. I’m gonna sell it at tooting silkworm’s craft and workshop fair in Tooting, London on Sat 21st April 2012. silkworm facebook event page
following week is USURP zine fair in Harrow, London on 28th April 2012.

Come along!

Menagerie of Maladies

On Saturday I had a stall at Tooting Zine fair and I sold some old prints. There was a great atmosphere there and lots of people came in who had no idea what a zine was, so that was lovely. I thought we got a very good reception.
I sold some of these spare pages from my ‘menagerie of maladies’ screen printed book. It is an A-Z of animals with unfortunate issues/problems/diseases.
I made it a long time ago when my screen printing skills were even dodgier, that’s why it looks like a lino print, and has some lovely textures which must have ruined the poor screen I used. 

土曜日は tooting zine fair 起きた。Tooting は私じっかのちかくです、南ロンドン。私は前の プリントを売った。ちょういいかんじだった。いっぱいジーン分からない人来たとおもしろかったと思う。
このペイジはむかしのちちゃいエー本から。病気などうぶつえん ABC です。

Sally Hancox ETSY shop is back… lets go shopping

My shop is back online。New work coming soon.
so lets go shopping. 

Mangroves for Ecoviva

These are some close ups of some drawings of mangroves I’ve been working on for EcoViva.
A fantastic organisation working on environmental sustainability, social justice and peace for communities in Central America. Can’t argue with that really, can you?

Rie Sally Bunny project

Hair, make up and dress by Rie Tanaka.
Hair accessories by me.
Photos by Bunny.
Thanks all! it was a fun day.


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