Painting silhouettes on marbled paper like Jan Pienowski

I always loved the illustrator Jan Pienowski’s work with marbling and silhouettes. This summer at art camp we made some illustrations in his style. jan pienowski jan pienowski jan pienowski castleJan pienowski

Bookshelf Mural with Pot Plants

I recently finished a lovely commission which was to paint a bookshelf with dangly plants onto a kitchen wall. The clients chose some book titles and let their friends make suggestions too. As they have kindles/e-readers they don’t have a need for many books in their house anymore.

whole bookshelf mural shelfie dangly plants

sketching in masking tape

Using coloured masking tape to mark out where the plants and books would be. whole bookshelf mural shelfie dangly plants

still life observational drawing at kids art club.

This week we set up three tables of objects to draw. We talked about

  • looking carefully at the objects
  • selecting the bits we want to draw
  • drawing the object from ‘my’ point of view
  • how to paint a gradient
  • mixing the colour we want

lamp and gradient still life blue jug still life20140710_170733-1  still life

This picture at the bottom is great especially as the student is only 4 or 5, hasn’t started year one of school yet!

art at color jangle 2013

My work at our three-person show COLOR JANGLE 2013 at LeCoccole, in Osaka, Japan. Silk screen prints, weaving and painting on show. The large pineapple painting and the 5 small pineapple paintings are by Junichi Okada.

COLOR JANGLE exhibition Nov. 8th – 17th 2013

アーティスト Sally HancoxAi Nishimoto、Junichi Okada
会期 2013年11月8日(金)〜17日(日)
会場 オーガニックキッチン・レコッコレ 大阪市中央区北久宝寺町3-4-1 豆庭ビル4階
時間 11:30〜22:00くらい ※日曜&月曜日は18:00まで 火曜日(祝日は不定休)
ワークショップの予約 ワークショップの予約・お問い合わせはこちらのメールアドレスにご連絡ください。
Artists Sally HancoxAi Nishimoto、Junichi Okada
Date Friday 8th to Sunday 17th November 2013
Place Le Coccole Organic Cafe, Hommachi, Osaka, Japan
Opening times Wed-Sat 11.30-22.00 Sun-Mon 11.30-18.00 Closed all day Tuesday and Friday between 20.00-21.00
Book Workshoop Please contact here if you want to book workshop or have some questions.

EFL teaching aid: through the tunnel, over the bridge, up the mountain, around the castle…

I made these to help my students practise speaking. These pics are the original paintings, I’m going to photocopy and laminate them. Then, students can draw along the path with a whiteboard marker as they say “around the island, through the city” etc. All 4 drawings join up to make one long journey. 

If you want a copy, email me and I’ll see what I can do. 

pastel succulent

I painted something. It felt good. ひさしぶりになんか書いた。良かった。


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