leafy interior mural painting

I painted some plant life in this toilet. It was really enjoyable. Someone let me paint their walls again soon please? トイレでへきがをした!だれかへきがペーントをしてもいいですか。
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Osaka mural is finished!


It is part of the osaka canvas project. 
If you want to find it, the nearest station is Dome-Mae Chiyozaki station on the Nagahori Tsurumi Ryokuchi  subway line. Find the river and walk north, the mural is on the east side of the river, so the best way to see it is on the west side, but you need to stand on a flowerbed for a good view. (the riverside is in the process of being redeveloped, so soon there will be a lovely new pedestrianised walkway to see my painting). You can also see other paintings by Chinese, American and Japanese artists. 

The painting is about a girl who is a mountain. Her hair is a river. 
 the whole thing (15m x 2m) … 
It took 11 days. I spent about 50 hours there. I had my lovely assistant Akiko for about 35 hours and Hiroshi, Yuko, Darlene and Azzy helped too.  Kaori helped with my application, and Yuka helped with everything. THANK YOU HELPERS! I couldn’t have done it without you.
Maybe you can see more pictures on my flickr. (
Painting this mural was really incredibly fun. I want to paint more. I want to paint more big things. 
If anyone wants a cheap or free mural, just ask. You only need to pay for my paint. x

day 9 and 10 mural

You gotta have good snacks if you want to paint a good picture.

Day 10 was cut short because of rain.
The deadline was supposed to be monday 21st but it’s been extended. I think I need one whole day or two halves to finish. Then I’ll show you the whole finished thing.
I can’t wait. but I’ll also be sad because I don’t want the project to end… it’s a dream job.

day 8 mural

was horrendously cold. bitter wind! we only lasted 2 hours.
pictures tomorrow. x

day 5 mural

Today I had 2 helpers, Akiko and Hiroshi. 

mural progress

my empty wall space

end of day 3


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