June Calender 2015


June calender was a collage of bits of stuff.

Its rainy season in Japan.



February 2015 Handmade Calender Pages

February calender

It’s February! Halleluah (Im not a fan of January). This month not particularly related to the season. Valentines theme? screw that.  February’s calender page is a mix of all leftover bits of drawings, screen print, photocopy and painting dating back to long ago. I dont like to throw stuff away. Its all under the bed, but now a bit less of it, as i used it. In your face naysayers.

Febuary calender

Limited Edition Calender 2015 January

january calenderJanuary calender happy new

This year me and my husband made calenders to give to some of our friends and family.

January says Happy New Year and has a sheep because 2015 is year of the sheep!

I will post each month up as we go along the year.

who knows where we’ll all be by the end of 2015!

Simple illustrations for English Learners. Bus Story

This is another set of illustrations for a book that will be published next year for use in London ESOL classrooms. It is a story about a woman who is over 60 and assumes that the young men on the bus don’t deserve the priority seats.

She feels bad, and is more careful in the future but still doesn’t like it when kids take them.

bus1 bus2 bus3 bus4 bus5 bus6 bus7 bus8 bus9 bus10


thailand leaves. always autumn

Leaf likers should try Thailand. Or if that’s a bit far, Kew Gardens.
In Thailand jungle I noticed that as there isnt an autumn season leaves and plants are always dying. so you have birth and death ever present. coming from somewhere with more distinct seasons, i found it a bit tiring. or, how do you know the shape of the year? it means the season changes are more subtle? wet or dry. but if you visit just for a short time you can get the general idea, and see the plants in all stages of their lives. I enjoyed the skeleton leaves. great big skeleton leaves that look like massive fishbones. and tiny fragile ones. but i havent drawn those yet.

water facts illustrations for At The Waterline

Some illustrations about water for the blog 
“At the Waterline is a blog about issues related to water: news and commentary that describe and expound upon its scarcity, its conservation and related technologies, its role in burgeoning conflicts around the world, and its place among human rights. “
713 gallons of water go into the production of one cotton t-shirt
Information from the Water Footprint Network
85% of the world’s population lives on the driest half of earth. 
information from UN water

Daily average per capita water use in the USA(100 gallons) and sub-saharan Africa (2-5 gallons)

Information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the World Water Council

contemporary dance sketchbook – the Place, London easter dynamics courses

A couple of years ago I had enough money and time to do a week of intensive contemporary dance classes at the Place, London. 3 a day! It was wonderful. I danced all week and my muscles ached SO MUCH but i felt totally powerful. This is some of the sketchbook I drew that week. Imagine if your job was dancing?!

Onsen tenugui 手ぬぐい

imaginary tenugui design.

give us a wave (手の森) silk screen print

Textile silk screen printing workshop in Kobe Art Village Centre


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June Calender 2015