Menagerie of Maladies

On Saturday I had a stall at Tooting Zine fair and I sold some old prints. There was a great atmosphere there and lots of people came in who had no idea what a zine was, so that was lovely. I thought we got a very good reception.
I sold some of these spare pages from my ‘menagerie of maladies’ screen printed book. It is an A-Z of animals with unfortunate issues/problems/diseases.
I made it a long time ago when my screen printing skills were even dodgier, that’s why it looks like a lino print, and has some lovely textures which must have ruined the poor screen I used. 

土曜日は tooting zine fair 起きた。Tooting は私じっかのちかくです、南ロンドン。私は前の プリントを売った。ちょういいかんじだった。いっぱいジーン分からない人来たとおもしろかったと思う。
このペイジはむかしのちちゃいエー本から。病気などうぶつえん ABC です。

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  1. Sally より:

    I just translated what i wrote with google translate and this is what it says i said ha ha.

    “Saturday got up tooting zine fair. My home is near Tooting, south London. I sold the previous print. Was feeling mighty good. Was interesting and I think people do not know Jean had come full.
    This Page from the book of old agents would immediately. ABC animal painting is not a disease.
    I was bad at school to a large print. I want to see silk screen print Rhino. Texture is not it good? Poor screen!”


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