find your feet silkscreen prints

On Sunday I tested out some silk screen print facilities in Kobe. It’s a nice studio, the only problem is it’s hardly ever open and the sessions are short, only 3 and a half hours!

These prints are about being in the midst of finding your feet in a place.
In dance and yoga sometimes you do an exercise at the beginning where you lift all of your toes off the ground and slowly put them back one by one, being aware of all the weight you can put on them. In dance they sometimes say it is to bring awareness about connecting your body with the ground, something that is always there, but we can forget about our relationship with it.

 This print is from a drawing from my diary, of one of my private students called Koume. In our first class she didn’t say anything, now she talks almost constantly in Japanese. Next step: English.


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I am an artist, illustrator, weaver and workshop facilitator currently living and working in London, UK.

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