wearable weaves

A couple of narrow belts I recently made on my four-shaft table loom. Man I love weaving.

he had kind of a round face

I made a tiny new zine called “he had kind of a round face”. I’m gonna sell it at tooting silkworm’s craft and workshop fair in Tooting, London on Sat 21st April 2012. silkworm facebook event page
following week is USURP zine fair in Harrow, London on 28th April 2012.

Come along!

tooting zine fair zine stall

  • 2012年2月27日
tooting zine fair zine stall by sillyhancox
tooting zine fair zine stall, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.

my stall looked like this.
it was at construction gallery

you can see a video with me looking shifty here.

Rie Sally Bunny project

Hair, make up and dress by Rie Tanaka.
Hair accessories by me.
Photos by Bunny.
Thanks all! it was a fun day.

blue bed

I dyed my bed with traditional Japanese Indigo and tie-dye techniques.


sally hancox

I am an artist, illustrator, weaver and workshop facilitator currently living and working in London, UK.

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