Helping Artist Holly White Weave/ How to Make a Loom out of Anything

loom frame holly and loom holly weaving

My Friend Holly asked me to help her with some basic weaving skills. We made this colourful heddle and loom!

When I got to her studio she had this big frame/folding screen leaning against the wall and I knew that was a good place to start.

We popped to the 99p shop and got some lolly sticks, epoxy resin, and got a wooden crate from the veg shop.

To make the heddle we taped together the lolly sticks, leaving a space in-between for thread and then glued them to 2 bits of crate.

To make the warp we used 2 bits shades of blue, to make life a little easier. we just threaded around the edges of the frame and through the holes we’d made.

It took a few hours and now lets see if Holly enjoys it enough to weave the whole thing.

Holly will be having an exhibition in the Autumn so lets see if it has any weaving…


Berlin’s Flughafen Tempelhof Garden

There is a beautiful and inspiring garden/allotments at the abandoned airport in Berlin. We got out just before it chucked it down.

garden 2


garden garden3

Paper plate weaving workshop – Color Jangle – November 2013

Paper plate handweaving workshop – 2 hours. including painting the plate and creative art weaving! 

art at color jangle 2013

My work at our three-person show COLOR JANGLE 2013 at LeCoccole, in Osaka, Japan. Silk screen prints, weaving and painting on show. The large pineapple painting and the 5 small pineapple paintings are by Junichi Okada.

Backstrap Weaving Workshop – Color Jangle 2013

almost complete woven belt!

measuring the warp

This workshop was run twice over the exhibition period. We did handweaving – backstrap weaving from scratch, without a fixed heddle. We used yarn and chopsticks to separate the yarn for weaving.  The workshop took 3 hours, and the participants took home their weaving to complete at home. 

D.I.Y. backstrap weaving

I am very inspired today. I thought that you needed a lot of expensive equipment to have fun weaving but it’s not true!  Together with my friend Aibom we made 2 reeds from a packet of skewers and some epoxy resin. Then we did a load of weaving all in one day. 

free peach john bag customization

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i spilt all my paint on it oops/hoorah


MAP of JAPAN by sillyhancox
MAP of JAPAN, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.

painting on paper map.


OSAKA ZINE FAIR THIS SATURDAY, a photo by sillyhancox on Flickr.



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