Weaving with Children and Family learning

children backstrap weaving

Children using a backstrap loom as a group.

Weaving with children and family learning.


Weaving Workshops

I can organise and facilitate classes, workshops and short courses in weaving. Sessions can be organised from 1 hour to day workshops or ongoing courses.


Paper Plate Weaving Workshop Sample

For family fun day, community event, school etc. 90 minutes

1. Intro and hello (5 min)

2. Paint paper plates (10min)

3. While plates are drying, have a discussion about weaving.

Which of the clothes you are wearing today were woven?

Is weaving the same as knitting?

What countries around the world do weaving?

Pass around woven samples so everyone can touch and see. (5min)

4. Demonstrate a backstrap loom, to further our understanding of weaving. Participants taking on the different jobs of lifting the heddle and passing threads between the warp (10min)

5. Cut slits in the paper plates and thread the warp. (15mins)

6. Weave the weft (35mins)

7. Tidy up/ show and tell our progress (10min)


materials: paper plates (1 per participant), a variety of coloured yarn, scissors, masking tape, poster paint, brushes.


I have a current DBS check for children and vulnerable adults.

child weaving plate


child plate weaving