Serene bird mural on Awaji

I was asked to make a mural on the side of this building in Awaji city on Awaji Island in Japan. The company makes parts for aircrafts.






134-1 Nakamura,   Awaji city,  Hyogo prefecture, 656-1526

The owner had an idea of what he wanted, so we worked together to make this scene. It features water, mountains and sky with ripples/waves. Going up into the top right and beyond is a flock of birds .

My plan is made from painted paper cut out and arranged.

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The surrounding buildings are Mitsutec factories, offices, warehouses etc. I hope the staff enjoy going past this every day.

Before I started the wall was large, grey and cracked.

I got solid scaffolding as I was actually pregnant at the time and no one wanted me falling off a ladder!