I am an artist, illustrator, weaver and workshop facilitator from London, England. I currently live a rural life in Awajishima, Japan. In the last five years I’ve lived in Osaka and London, Illustrating, weaving, running activities in a dementia care home and children’s art classes, teaching English and studying Japanese.

In my art I love leaves and for things to be colourful. Working in paint, pencil, print and collage for illustration and drawing with yarn in weaving. It is important for me to make things by hand. I enjoy the process of creating and that’s what I endeavor to share when I lead a workshop or class. Drawing is my way of seeing and making sense of the world around me.

I am open to working on any kind of project, so please get in touch to find out more.

I often post what I’m up to more regularly on instagram (click below)


The picture is from a ‘live painting’ event in Osaka in 2013. I painted a large canvas with a fun festive rainbow in the HEP5 Mall. Worn out Christmas shoppers could stop and have a seat and watch me. The design was made into the official HEP5 Christmas wrapping paper.