Hello, I am Sally Hancox, I am an indigo dyer, artist, illustrator and weaver from London, England. I currently live a rural life on Awaji island in Japan.  I started AiAii with my partner Junichi Okada in 2020. AiAii is a natural indigo studio using traditional fermented indigo that we grow and ferment ourselves. My recent work is often related to indigo, either made with shibori (Japanese tie-dye), using indigo fabric or using ink or paint made from natural pigments.

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I studied illustration at the university of Brighton. In the past I’ve lived in Osaka and London, Illustrating, weaving, painting murals, running activities in a dementia care home and children’s art classes.

I’m getting more and more into the world of finding colours in nature. Working in paint, pencil, print and collage for illustration and drawing with yarn in weaving. It is important for me to make things by hand. Drawing is my way of seeing and making sense of the world around me. I enjoy the process of creating and that’s what I endeavour to share when I lead a workshop or class. I love to give people a spark and help them run away with it in whatever direction interests them most.

I am open to working on any kind of project, so please get in touch to find out more.

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The picture is from a ‘live painting’ event in Osaka in 2013. I painted a large canvas with a fun festive rainbow in the HEP5 Mall. Worn out Christmas shoppers could stop and have a seat and watch me. The design was made into the official HEP5 Christmas wrapping paper.





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sallyhancox_illustration INSTAGRAM